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Frequently asked questions

If I am missing one or more teeth, what are my options?  Patients today have an array of options for replacing missing teeth. Dental bridges, dentures, and dental implants all have their advantages and disadvantages, though modern cosmetic and restorative dentistry has come to favor dental implants because they look and function just like real teeth and require no special care.

If you have lost a tooth or several teeth, we urge you to seek treatment. Adjacent teeth can shift into the gap left by a lost tooth; in addition, a missing tooth can lead to bone loss, hygiene problems, difficulties with speaking and eating, and much more. Today’s dental restorations are better than ever, and they can give you a strong bite and a beautiful smile. Contact Palm Springs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry today for a consultation to learn more about your options for tooth replacement.

who is a good candidate for dental Implants?  Nearly anyone who is missing one or more teeth, and desires a superior, long-lasting aesthetic result is a good candidate for dental implants. However, patients must have enough bone to support and stabilize the implant. Some individuals who have suffered bone loss as a result of gum disease or another condition may need bone grafting before a dental implant can be placed successfully. Drs. Shepherd or Tom will provide you with your best options.

Do you offer tooth-colored fillings? Can they replace my old metal? – The placement of tooth-colored composite fillings is one of the most commonly performed general dentistry procedures at Palm Springs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry. In addition to filling new cavities, these beautiful restorations can replace old metal fillings that have blackened, fractured, popped out, or that simply take away from the beauty of your smile.

How can I know I will be happy with my cosmetic dentistry?  The two highly experienced cosmetic dentists of Palm Springs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry, Dr. Shepherd and Dr. Tom, take an individualized approach toward each patient’s treatment. Our dentists apply an artistic eye to smile makeovers, and they always consider your facial shape, the natural form of your teeth, and other factors so that you achieve optimal results. Teeth grinding can be caused by a range of factors; often, both emotional and physical factors are involved. Causal factors can include stress, sleep disorders, an abnormal bite, and crooked or missing teeth. Once the cause or causes of bruxism are determined, your dentist can develop a course of treatment.Treatment methods recommended may include:

  • Relaxation techniques if stress is at the root of the problem
  • Physical therapy
  • Muscle relaxants
  • A plastic tooth guard to wear at night during sleep

Bruxism can cause serious pain and headaches, as well as dangerous wear on the teeth. In severe cases, restorative dentistry techniques such as inlays or porcelain crowns are needed to rebuild teeth damaged by bruxism. Therefore, it is crucial to seek treatment for bruxism early to avoid waking up with headaches or jaw pain.

What are my payment options? – As a courtesy to you, we are happy to accept cash, personal checks, all major credit cards including American Express. Should you need an option for monthly payments or have major treatment needs, a complete payment plan is designed with an appropriate payment schedule to fit your budget using the financial assistance.

How can I finance my general, cosmetic, or restorative dentistry? – Palm Springs Family and Cosmetic Dentistry offers you the opportunity to apply for Care Credit, an outside financing company that allows you to make monthly payments. Because we want to make your dental treatment affordable, we even pay the interest for you! We also accept the assignment of benefits for your insurance plan (with a few exceptions) and will ask you to be responsible for any amount not covered by your plan. When possible, we can also pace your desired treatment to fit your budget.