At Palm Springs Family & Cosmetic Dentistry, we will make every attempt to work with your dental plan.  Please keep in mind that we do not accept HMO plans and we are not a participating provider for any PPO plans.


We will be more than happy to submit your dental claims for you, electronically, and help you recover the most from your benefits. Please be advised that insurance is only intended to help OFFSET the fees of dentistry, not to cover ALL procedures.

In most, but not all, cases, we are happy to accept the assignment of benefits.  This means that the insurance company will reimburse us directly for their portion of the claim.  Some insurance carriers will not reimburse us directly so we will ask that you be responsible and we will submit your claim on your behalf, for expeditious reimbursement directly to you.  In order to provide the quality of care that we know you deserve, we ask that you take care of your “guestimated” amount for your services at the time of your visit.  You will be informed of this amount during your previous visit, keeping in mind, again, that we are in the dark regarding how much your plan will pay.  Should your insurance pay more or less than anticipated, we will contact you.  There is never a guarantee of the reimbursement from your plan and we find that they will also request their payment back, having processed your claim incorrectly!

Call us for more details regarding how we will can assist you with your insurance specific plan.  Have the name of your insurance carrier, your group # and your ID # ready and we will be happy to do a complimentary eligibility review for you.  760-416-1003.


We also offer CareCredit, which offers flexible payment plans, including 0% interest, for a variety of medical and health services including dental care. Click on the CareCredit button below for more information about how CareCredit can help you.