ZOOM!® Whitening

Zoom!® professional whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to whiten your teeth. Watch the video here to learn more!

What Philips Zoom teeth whitening

can do for your smile

To achieve the teeth you want, Zoom Teeth Whitening offers you a full range of options based on your needs and your lifestyle. Professional teeth whitening with Philips Zoom is safe, pain-free, sustainable and used by over 10 million people.

 The difference between professional and over-the-counter whitening treatments

Non-professional whitening treatments are over the counter products such as strips and toothpaste. These products vary in their price, difficulty of use and effectiveness.

Philips Zoom professional whitening is a fast, effective and safe way to whiten your teeth. Our trained assistants will apply the treatment for you fit you as well as provide you with customized take-home trays for long-lasting results.

Results from Zoom whitening can be immediate (up to 8 shades whiter in 45 minutes), and the process is safe, reliable and hassle free.

Smile That Sparkles and Shines

After your initial oral exam, the complete treatment takes just one office visit of about 60-90 minutes. Your procedure begins with a short preparation period followed by three 15-minute whitening sessions, with an optional fourth 15-minute session offered at the discretion of your dental professional.

Post treatment, you will be provided with custom trays along with the Zoom DayWhite or NiteWhite gel so you can retain your bright, white smile.

Ask us if you would be a good candidate for Zoom!® Whitening!